Sledding Fail

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Creator; Age: Marc Romano 23 Names and ages of others appearing in video: Andrew Dagenhart age 26 When and where was this filmed: 12/25/2017 Mauna Kea; HI USA Video description: My roommate Andrew and I celebrated Christmas by going to the summit of Mauna Kea to go see the snow and sled. We notice a guy building a ramp so we asked if we could use it and we did. Goofing around and video taping each other sledding on body boards More Information: The summit is almost 14;000 ft so you are suppose to acclimate yourself on the way up for at least 30min but we didn?t. We were also a few beers in so when we got up we were both feeling pretty light headed because bloood thins and alcohol in our system. We were acting pretty silly