No More Turd Talk For Christmas

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Creator; Age: Megan Keil 32 Names and ages of others appearing in video: Gary Keil 32 Mackenna Keil 5 Emersyn Keil 2.5 When and where was this filmed: 12/21/2017 Bloomingdale; IL USA Video description: My aunt needed a Santa for her residents at the complex she manages and my husband; Gary agreed to do it. I decided to bring our daughters to see ?Santa? and they truly had no idea it was their Daddy! Mackenna was sharing random stories with Santa and after he asked her if she?s been behaving she decided to tell him about ?No more turd talk? It?s a word she picked up from my mom; her grandma and she?s constantly calling her younger sister a turd; so we said no more turd talk or there won?t be many presents under the tree for misbehaving.