Man Destroys Equipment; Guitar At Mall

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Creator; Age: Terry Tyson; 47 Names and ages of others appearing in video: Unknown When and where was this filmed: 12/15/2017 Nashville TN Video description: I was dining with a friend at Romano?s Macoroni Grill when this guy got up and began shouting and was ushered out of the diner by two women. As they left he bacame angry and starting scuffling with the ladies. He walked out into the mall hallway and picked up the metal stanchion and smashed a glass advertisement sign and then came back across the hall and smashed out a large glass window of the restaurant sending diners in a panic across the room and running into the kitchen for cover. I followed him down the mall where he kicked down signs and jumped on the stage taking the hot mic and began ranting and throwing everything off the stage. As you see where the video picked up. Mall cops waited until metro police arrived and took him into custody without incident. A young man named Parker Layton from AZ was on stage performing when the outbreak began. He heard glass breaking and saw everyone running so he left his guitar on the stage and exited the mall. Only to come back and find his guitar smashed. He borrowed the guitar of the next performer and finished his set. He flew home the next day and I asked that everyone watching the video and commenting and sharing to just think about the young victim. Hopes of getting him some exposure and a new guitar. Yamaha offered a new guitar by Monday 12-17 afternoon.